I have extensive experience in immigration advising, with particular focus on F-1 student visas and how their regulations apply to ESL students.


  • Certificate: “F-1 advising for beginners” | NAFSA, 2008
  • Certificate: “F-1 advising, Intermediate” | NAFSA, 2009
  • On-the-job training


Advising and/or reporting experience in the following areas:

  • Issuance and extension of I-20 Forms (including verification of documents)
  • Reporting of no-shows and registration of active students; new student check-in
  • Change of status
  • Reinstatement
  • Travel, vacation, leave of absence, medical leave of absence authorization
  • Transfers into/out of institutions; mid-session transfers; transfers in initial status
  • Work regulations
  • Dismissals, probation, and termination
  • Assisting applicants with determining the correct visa type for the program that they select

Administrative experience in the following areas:

  • Determining appropriate visa type for new programs
  • Adaptation of programs to ensure compliance with federal regulations
  • Research on regulations and best practices in order to advocate for students or for the ELI
  • Advising directors, administrators, and academic advisors about visa status-related consequences, ensuring that they are fully informed of the impact of their choices when determining the type of action to take in student cases
  • Training of colleagues in visa regulations
  • Selection and hiring of other DSOs

Additional experience in the following areas:

  • Petitions for:
    • Naturalization
    • Adjustment of status to permanent residency
    • Alien relative
    • Renewal of permanent residency status
    • Removal of conditions of permanent residency status
    • K-1 “fiancé(e)” visa
    • Employment authorization
  • J-1 advising for non-degree-seeking students
  • Basic knowledge of H1-B requirements



I have experience using the following types of resources for the creation of institutional policy, providing advising services to students, and establishment of practices: